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My Mother’s Ghost is a functional interactive fiction video game demo where the player explores the home of their recently-deceased mother. As the player moves from room to room and interacts with their environment, they begin to discover what is haunting them.

This demo was one of the first two projects I created in Unity Engine and was completed with a very short turn around.  The game was programmed using Unity’s native C# language, and the rooms of the home were hand-illustrated in black marker and then brought into Photoshop to edit values/curves and add vignettes. The demo takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. 

For a full-scale game, the house and narration would be expanded upon, and more gameplay elements would be introduced, possibly including puzzles, player choice, and a branching storyline.

This demo's story is based on my own short horror story of the same name.


My Mothers Ghost - DEMO.zip 29 MB

Install instructions

The game files are available for download as a .zip folder. After extracting the files, the game is found as an application file titled "My Mother's Ghost."

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